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The Perfect Meeting Of Nature and Science

Quartz worktops have become exceedingly popular in recent years due to their fabulous aesthetics and durability. They have the look of natural stone but require a minimal amount of maintenance which will save you time constantly worrying about your worktop.

Quartz is the most common mineral in the earth’s surface and worktops are made up of 93% natural quartz. There are only three natural minerals harder than quartz – diamond, sapphire and topaz.

We are approved fabricator and distributor for all of the quartz brands below:-

Quartz Brands

Silestone is another man-made stone which is versatile enough to be used throughout the house. It has a great contemporary look and makes a statement whichever room you use it in and because of its benefits is excellent for countertops.


Samsung Radianz Quartz is specially designed by Samsung to cope with the demands of today’s modern home or office. The product is so versatile is can be used in virtually any room in the house.


Caesarstone is a beautiful man-made stone which can be used almost anywhere in the home or the work environment.  We have a variety of colours and finishes available.


Cimstone was created in Italy and is made from 93% solid quartz and 7% polyester resin that makes the worktop non-porous and durable.


Quartzforms surfaces are made in Germany and combine world famous German manufacturing skills with Italian design flair. Quartzforms are the ultimate technological development of stone into the perfect work surface.


Another brilliant man-made stone, Compac Technological Quartz is the perfect stone for virtually any surface either in your home or work place.


CRL Stone have taken the best from nature and have engineered an elegant and practical stone that is ideal for the conditions of the modern kitchen worktop.


Okite is another fabulous, modern, man-made stone which can be used almost anywhere around your home or in commercial situations to add some extra style to your stone countertops or surfaces.


Quarella is an engineered stone, made in Italy, which produces surfaces which require almost no maintenance at all. Quarella is an ideal stone for your home and in many ways makes better bespoke kitchen worktops than natural slabs of stone.


Arena Stone is a modern man-made stone. As one of the largest suppliers of stone in the UK, we stock a wide range of Arena stone, which is so flexible you can use it throughout the house.


What is Quartz?

Quartz is the fourth hardest natural materials known to man with only diamond, sapphire and topaz being stronger. Quartz worktops are 93% natural quartz and as you can imagine makes the worktop extremely durable as it is scratch and heat resistant. The quartz worktops also have resin and colours added to ensure you have a quality worktop that needs little care and looks great.


Why Quartz Worktops could be for you?

Being man made Quartz comes in a huge range of colours and as it is factory controlled you can rely on the consistency of colour. There are mottled as well as single colours available and quartz worktops are available in a number of finishes. We turn Quartz slabs into bespoke shaped countertops that are honed to accompany your sinks and taps, we have also made special countertops for those who are looking to add a bar in their home.

Not only can Quartz look extremely similar to granite, it is easy to care for and is extremely hygienic, being non- porous means bacteria is unable to breed on the surfaces of the countertops. Compared to marble, Quartz has a high resistance to abrasive materials such as Lemon juice, vinegar, red wine and cooking oil that would affect granite because it is half porous.

When it comes to cleaning Quartz it requires very little maintenance, in fact it is probably the easiest to keep clean and care for compared to other materials used for kitchen worktops. By simply wiping the worktop with a damp cloth and using another soft cloth to dry will do the job. For any other spills that may dry on work surfaces using a scourer or in the worst case scenario using a sharp knife will remove the spill. Despite what you may think Quartz will not be affected by scratching and the surface will not be damaged.

Depending on the quartz you choose, it may be possible to match your floor tiles to your worktop so if this is something you want, talk to us and we will advise you.

We stock a huge series of bespoke quartz worktops for you to select, we tailor for all tastes and all budgets but to get an idea of what the pattern and the flecks look like on the countertops. We believe that you’ll find it much easier to decide what will work best if you visit our showroom, where we can advise you, supply you with samples and provide you with a quote and more information about the service included.

Surrey Marble and Granite we work with industry leading manufactures such as Cosentino and many more approved stockists and manufacturers such as CaesarstoneOkite,  Silestone, Arena StoneCompac Cimstone.

From Sussex to the Midlands we cover the whole of the UK providing bespoke worktops to fit your kitchen. If you have any questions about our quartz worktops, please feel free to call us on 01428 651940 or visit our showroom  and to speak to our friendly and informative staff at Surrey Marble and Granite.