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Neolith is a porcelain worktop however some individuals refer to this worktop as ceramic as well. This high-tech porcelain worktop is created by sintered technology.

Neolith Worktops Range

At Surrey Marble & Granite we have a variety of different colour choices of Neolith kitchen worktops and we custom design our worktops to suit your design.

We stock and install a variety of Neolith worktops that are made from hard-wearing porcelain, and this type of worktop offers excellent durability, whilst looking stylish. You can see a variety of colours below and if you would like to visit our showroom, please feel free to come and see our range.

What is Neolith?

Neolith countertop is a porcelain material, however, some refer to this worktop as ceramic as well. This high-tech porcelain worktop is created by sintered technology. The process takes 100% raw materials and the slabs are baked to temperatures of more than 1,200 °C. This gives the Neolith worktop strong durability and quality features that would benefit any kitchen.

View the Neolith Worktops – Bespoke Porcelain Worktops – SMG stone selection

Why choose Neolith?

Neolith porcelain worktops are ideal for your kitchen or bathroom and offer remarkable usability, whilst offering a clean-cut stylish finish to kitchens and being scratch resistant. This worktop is highly resistant to high temperatures and does not burn when it comes in contact with fire, and will not emit any harmful toxic substances.

We do advise anyone who purchases a worktop to be careful when placing hot pans straight from the hobs directly onto the kitchen worktop, as this will make the worksurface hot to the touch, even though the pan will not damage your worktop.

This high-tech sintered porcelain bathroom or kitchen countertop has been created to withstand high pressure and bending due to weight, whilst being a lightweight worktop itself. It is also waterproof and because of this staining should not be an issue. We do however recommend that you clear away any substances spilt. This should be relatively easy with this worktop, as it is very simple to clean because it is resistant to chemical cleaning agents, making this countertop extremely hygienic.

This worktop is also ideal for outdoor worktops, as it is resistant to UV rays, meaning that you will not lose the colour of the stone from the sun. As mentioned before, it performs exceedingly well under extreme heat, however, it also performs well in low temperatures and is not prone to freezing over.

Whilst being an industry-leading worktop, neolith is a natural stone and is environmentally friendly because the slabs are made by sintered technology. This product is also stain-resistant free and resin-free as well as being easy to clean. Neolith is composed of recycled raw materials, making this a great sustainable worktop. We are a leading fabricator of Neolith worktops and we design slabs into custom made worktops for your needs, leaving you with an immaculate and polished worktop.

At Surrey Marble & Granite we also stock a variety of other worktops such as QuarellaCaesarstoneRadianz QuartzQuartzforms and many more. We provide exceptional worktops that provide unique advantages and styles for your requirements.

If you would like to find out more about Neolith worktops please feel free to call us on 01428 651940Click here to find our showroom and our opening times.

Stone Aftercare

If you are looking for further information and advice from our professional and experienced team on how to care for your stone worktops then please see our aftercare and maintenance page.

Our Showroom

To really appreciate the range of stone available, the beauty of the stone and which will work best in your home, we really advise you to come to our showroom. We’ll then be able to give you our advice and answer any questions you may have and you can take away samples to consider at home.


Showroom Opening Times:

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

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Fernhurst Business Park,
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GU27 3HB

01428 651 940

Surrey Marble and Granite
Units 2-4, Fernhurst Business Park,
Henley Common, Fernhurst,
GU27 3HB

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