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  • Caesarstone

    Caesarstone is a beautiful man-made stone, which can be used almost anywhere in the home or the work environment. At Surrey Marble and Granite we have a collection of colours and finishes. At Surrey Marble and Granite, we have a collection of over 30 different colours of Caesarstone so there is bound to be one that will be perfect for your needs. Our worktop surfaces are the perfect choice for virtually any interior surface, from kitchen worktops, countertops, bathroom worktops or surfaces.

  • Ceralsio

    At Surrey Marble and Granite we have a wide range of stones available for worktops such as Caesarstone, Limestone, Quartz, Neolith and now Ceralsio. Have a look at the images below to see our range of Ceralsio.

  • Cimstone

    Cimstone was created in Italy and is made from 93% solid quartz and 7% polyester resin which makes the worktop non-porous and durable. At Surrey Marble & Granite we have 24 different colours and we custom-design our worktops to suit your kitchen. We supply Cimstone worktops that are highly durable and offer excellent surfacing for your Kitchen. You can see a variety of colours below and please feel free to see them in person at our showroom.

  • Compac

    Another brilliant man-made stone, Compac Technological Quartz is the perfect stone for virtually any surface, either in your home or work place.

  • CRL

    CRL Quartz has taken the best from nature and has engineered an elegant and practical stone that is ideal for the conditions of the modern kitchen worktop.

  • Dekton

    Consentino, the manufacturers of Dekton, believe that Dekton represents the future of bespoke stoneware for work surfaces and a whole host of other uses. At Surrey Marble and Granite we keep up to date on all developments in the stone world and so, as you would expect we stock a wide range of Dekton, please see our collection below.

  • Lapitec

    Lapitec is an innovative man made product, designed and developed in Italy. Not only does Lapitec look beautiful but it also performs to an extraordinarily high level.

  • Neolith

    Neolith is a porcelain worktop however some individuals refer to this worktop as ceramic as well. This high-tech porcelain worktop is created by sintered technology.

  • Quartzforms

    Quartzforms surfaces are made in Germany and combine world-famous German manufacturing skills with Italian design flair. Quartzforms are the ultimate technological development of stone into the perfect worksurface.

  • Radianz

    Radianz Quartz is specially designed to cope with the demands of today’s modern home or office. The product is so versatile it can be used in virtually any room in the house.

  • Sapien Stone

    Sapien Stone is fantastic in both the kitchen and the bathroom. It is easy to maintain and comes in a wide selection of styles, colours and finishes.

  • Silestone

    Silestone is a man-made stone, which is versatile enough to be used throughout the house. It has a great contemporary look and makes a statement whichever room you use it in and because of its benefits is excellent for countertops

  • Bloomstones

    Bloomstones London offers an exquisite selection of premium stones, catering to discerning tastes with our diverse collection, including Granite, Marble and Quartz. Discover the elegance that Bloomstones can bring to your space by exploring the range below.

  • BQS Brachot

    BQS Brachot is a prestigious brand renowned for its exceptional selection of stones, offering an exquisite array of high-quality natural and engineered stone products tailored to enrich any space. BQS Brachot provides a diverse portfolio of stones, including luxurious marble, durable granite, versatile quartz, and more, each handpicked for its unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal.

  • Caesarstone - Porcelain Collection

    Explore the elegance of the Caesarstone Porcelain Collection, a premium line of porcelain surfaces that redefine sophistication in any space. Known for its durability and minimal maintenance, this collection brings together timeless beauty and advanced functionality.

  • Classic Quartz

    At Surrey Marble and Granite, we offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality stone materials for worktops, including our Classic Quartz brand. This material is available in a variety of shades and patterns, ensuring that every customer finds the ideal match for their interior design needs. Please take a look at the products below to explore our full range of Classic Quartz options.

  • Classic Quartz - Horizon

    We are excited to feature the Classic Quartz Horizon line, known for its durability and beauty, which makes it an ideal choice for elegant, long-lasting worktops. Take a moment to browse through this collection below.

  • Compac Terazzo

    Discover the elegance and enduring charm of our Compac Terrazzo Range. This collection combines the classic beauty of traditional terrazzo with modern engineering to deliver superior durability and a sleek finish.

  • Cullifords

    Cullifords Quartz is a type of engineered stone, widely recognised for its durability and aesthetic appeal. It's a composite material made primarily from crushed quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, which is blended with a polymer resin to bind it together. This manufacturing process results in a non-porous, stain-resistant surface that is highly sought after for use in both kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Lundhs

    We are thrilled to showcase the Lundhs collection, celebrated for its exceptional durability and stunning beauty. This collection is perfect for elegant, enduring worktops. Explore this exquisite range here.

  • Nile

    We are proud suppliers of Nilestone's exclusive selection, renowned for its unique blend of resilience and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for sophisticated, durable worktops, each piece in this collection showcases the distinct quality and natural beauty of Nilestone's stone.

  • SapienStone

    SapienStone is a crafted synthetic stone, versatile enough to enhance any room in the home. Its contemporary aesthetic makes a bold statement wherever it is used. With its outstanding qualities, it is especially ideal for creating stunning, durable countertops.

  • Technistone

    Technistone is a high-quality, engineered stone known for its robustness and aesthetic versatility. Manufactured from natural materials combined with carefully selected pigments and resins, Technistone offers a range of finishes that suit a variety of interior styles, from modern kitchens to elegant bathrooms. Not only does it boast exceptional durability and easy maintenance, but it also provides a sustainable option for those seeking eco-friendly material choices in their home or commercial spaces.

  • Uniceramica

    Uniceramica specialises in providing premium ceramic surfaces that blend exceptional durability with artistic design. Known for its innovative approach to ceramics, Uniceramica offers a variety of patterns and textures that cater to both contemporary and classic tastes.

  • Unistone

    Unistone is renowned for its exquisite range of engineered quartz surfaces, combining durability with luxurious aesthetics. Crafted from a blend of natural quartz and resins, Unistone offers a consistent, high-quality finish that excels in both resilience and ease of maintenance.

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