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At Surrey Marble and Granite we have a wide range of stones available for worktops such as Caesarstone, Limestone, Quartz, Neolith and now Ceralsio.

Have a look at the images below to see our range of Ceralsio.

What is Ceralsio?

Ceralsio comes in a variety of beautiful finishes and there is a range of versatile surfaces available in a natural, textured or polished finish. Pure minerals are fused together at a force of 4,000 kg/m2 and sintered together at extremely high temperatures, which develop the excellently engineered Ceraliso.

With the use of the highly innovative manufacturing processes, rare and unique finishes can be accomplished. Not only is this magnificent product built for the hard-wearing conditions of the modern home it is available in 27 colours and in three different thicknesses. Ceraliso also comes in a collection of designs from a light grey slate effect to a more contemporary soft textured ceramic design.

Why choose Ceralsio?

Much like quartz stone worktops, Ceralsio is hard wearing and highly scratch resistant, you are able to cut food directly on the surface without causing any damage. It is also very resistant to wear and tear; Ceralsio is the most highly resistant worktop on the market currently, very comparable to quartz. Perfect not only for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors because its low water absorption rate of less than 0.2% means that it is resistant to frost and ice making it an ideal choice.

Another one of the many advantages to Ceralsio is that it is heat and stain resistant – perfect for any kitchen! Provided that they are cleaned away within 24 hours products such as bleach, oil, vinegar and detergents do not affect Ceralsio. Hot cooking utensils commonly used in kitchens, such as frying pans, are able to be rested on Ceralsio surfaces without any damage. Ceralsio does not give off any smoke or toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures in the home.

In terms of caring for Ceralsio it requires no extra care, any stain can be removed simply with cleaning products or water. Being a non-porous surface like quartz, it prevents any bacteria or mould from building. The surfaces of Ceralsio are colourfast, even when used outdoors and with the passing of times they are resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Not only do we install and renovate kitchens we can source sinks, taps, hobs and anything you require for your new kitchen worktop or bathroom tops in your home. Our stone experts are able to undertake large scale installation projects in any room in your home, from fireplaces to flooring. We have been providing the south of the UK with premium worktops for several years, our specialist have created custom designed worktops from throughout Surrey and London areas and many more locations throughout the south.

For further details or information regarding this beautiful ceramic stone, Ceralsio or any of our other products feel free to visit our showroom or please call us on 01428 651940.

Stone Aftercare

If you are looking for further information and advice from our professional and experienced team on how to care for your stone worktops then please see our aftercare and maintenance page.

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