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Stylish White Granite Worktops

Many people expect Granite to be black or grey, but it’s really available in a wide range of entirely natural colours. One of our most popular natural colours includes white Granite worktops. As Granite forms through a completely different geological process to marble, white Granite has its own distinctive look.

Perfect White Granite Texture

White Granite worktops are often flecked or streaked with shades of another colour. This may be black or grey but can equally be pink or blue or green. The subtle natural variation of the stone gives the overall piece of white Granite a cool or warm texture, perhaps leaning more to the blue-white of snow, the yellow-white of cream or the red-white of candlelight.

Hard-wearing white Granite worktops for kitchens and bathrooms

An incredibly tough natural, scratch resistant stone, Granite is ideally suited to being used as a kitchen worktop. Unlike more delicate materials, such as vinyl or wood, finished white Granite worktops are very hard to stain. The stone is formed as melted rock cools over thousands of years, which creates a material which is waterproof, stain-resistant and hygienic – as dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide.

Made For A Kitchen Worktop

Tough as rock, white Granite worktops can also withstand ordinary rough use needed in a kitchen. Our white worktops are heat and cold resistant as well as difficult to scratch, dent or break.

Granite Finishes

From smooth to textured, the finish you choose for your white granite will affect how your worktop looks. Each choice will have a different effect on white granite, so if you have any questions please contact us directly.

grey granite worktops


The glossy, mirror-like surface really shows up the natural colours and variation of the stone. Ideal for white granite with a secondary colour you want to highlight.

grey granite worktops

Antique or Flamed

A richly textured finish, this is the most natural looking option. Ideal for country kitchens and urban minimalism, it makes white granite look freshly hewn.

grey granite worktops

Satinato or Leathered

A less textured but still matt option. While our experts have strong technical opinions about these choices, our customers typically prefer to choose by actually touching our samples.

grey granite worktops


A smooth matt finish. This option can make materials look lighter or greyer, which can make the texture detail on some white granite look less pronounced. It can make others look luminescent, however.

Get a free sample to help you decide on your next white granite worktop.

Our best service

As expert stoneworkers, we’ve been asked to create all sorts of unusual pieces but we’re proud to say that we treat each white granite kitchen worktop with the care and attention we’d give to a request from the Queen. We are proud to be recommended by so many of our customers, who have offered glowing reviews of our services to their friends, on our website and on independent review sites. As an example, at the time of writing, we have a score of 9.9 out of 10 on Checkatrade.

Full-service: White Granite Kitchen Worktops

We make all the white granite worktops we install in our own Surrey workshop, which means that we have full control over the entire process. As a result, we’re not only able to create unusual shapes and finishes, we’re also able to keep our promises and won’t make excuses.

While some kitchen companies have to rely on sending measurements overseas and waiting weeks for delivery of a finished item, we’re able to turn around a white granite kitchen worktop in as little as a week, if the stone is in stock, as we do measuring, templating, cutting, finishing and installation in house. Our team includes both experienced stone workers and expert kitchen specialists so if you have any questions about your kitchen remodel or white granite worktops, please get in touch.