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High-Quality Marble Effect Worktops

Marble kitchen worktops are perfect complements to any house. It is not only beautiful but also adds a touch of luxury. Using true marble isn’t always feasible though. It tends to be more costly than other stones and requires more maintenance to keep it perfect. Worktops with marble impact are made of a number of different stones.

Without the care and cost, they have the marble aesthetic. Marble effect kitchen worktops are becoming ever more common as they have several advantages. We are leading UK marble effect worktops suppliers and we can also transform your kitchen with a full refurbishment.

Marble Effect Worktop Benefits

Marble-effect worktops can be created from a variety of stones such as quartz, granite, porcelain and ceramic. For these, you have a range of colours, patterns and textures to choose from so you can find the best match for yourself. Products like quartz are much easier to use than marble.

Larger slabs can be used as the joints are well hidden. Being man-made, quartz tends to follow a similar pattern so that each countertop will match. Marble occurs naturally so will differ between slabs. Marble effect worktops are also easy to maintain. Our kitchen worktops can have edging strips, square edges. The choice is all yours!

One of the marble’s main possible disadvantages is size. It’s a luxury stone and on cost scale it appears to be higher. Worktops that have a marble effect tend to be more affordable. They are also lightweight and flexible, making it much easier for your kitchen to turn into the right shape. We pride ourselves in being tailored to our clients in all of our work. Our suppliers such as Compac and Radianz provide stones which we turn into beautiful worktops.

View our kitchen worktops in our showroom

Please feel free to visit our showroom, where you can get details and advice from experts. Also, we can provide samples so you can get a sense of what you want. Our friendly team is always on hand with advice on what’s going to be best for your house.

If you want beautiful workspaces but live in a busy household, marble effect is your block. Marble-effect materials, such as quartz, are non-porous. That means that common things found in the kitchen like wine and lemon juice won’t damage or stain it. It is also a very hygienic stone, because dirt and bacteria are unable to penetrate the surface. Simply wipe over with warm soapy water and your surface is clean.

Order your new marble effect worktop today

We lead Marble Effect Worktops suppliers locally in the UK. Our dedicated team will help you design your dream kitchen and pick all the elements you need. We also sell a number of other high-quality stones that can be produced for you in tailor-made desktops.

My clients gave us outstanding checkatrade reviews that represent the effort that we put into all of my services. For more details call us on 01428 651940 and please feel free to email us via

Marble Finishes

Marble Effect Worktops


Glossy with a smooth, shiny finish. Will typically bring out characteristics and colours of the material

Marble Effect Worktops

Antique or Flamed

Matt with a rough, textured finish. May make colours and features of the stone less noticeable but gives a very natural appearance

Marble Effect Worktops

Satinato or Leathered

Almost matt, sometimes with a soft sheen and a light textured finish. A good alternative to antiqued or flamed where less texture is required.

Marble Effect Worktops


Completely matt and fully smooth Can make materials look lighter and colours more greyed out.

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A five-star service

We have a great reputation and we are very proud of that. Our customers are our biggest focus at Surrey Marble and Granite and we always want to make sure they are satisfied with our services and goods. That so many of our valued customers would recommend our work to friends is great to hear. We have several positive reviews on our own website and have been respected Checkatrade members since 2012 as well.

We currently have a score of 9.9 out of 10 on the site which could be the highest in our field! Our dedicated team is made up of stone working experts and specialists in kitchen design so we have all the expertise needed in kitchen remodelling. We also offer a complete kitchen refurbishment service as well as a range of beautiful stones.

How we work

We are totally self-sufficient at Surrey Marble and Granite, and conduct every step of the process ourselves. We are a full-service stoneworking company which means we manage everything from quoting to measuring, to templating, producing and installing. It ensures that you can count on the highest quality across the entire project.

This also ensures that we can transfer power over our customers and provide you with a genuinely tailor-made experience tailored to your needs. We will create this for you if you want a marble-effect workstation in a specific shape or finish. Surrey Marble and Granite will give customers unique choices you wouldn’t get in a regular kitchen store.

Get in touch with our effect worktop specialists

Come and visit our workshop where you can explore the stones, finishes and detailing we offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or drop in during opening hours to see our stone samples.