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    What are Quartz Worktops made of?

    Quartz Worktops are made of pieces of natural Quartz bonded together with a small amount of adhesive. Quartz worktops are often made up of 90-99% Quartz but the exact ratio depends on the manufacturer and type of Quartz worktop. As an example, Samsung Radianz Quartz is 93% quartz, as it is quite fine-grained. Below our experts run you through how Quartz Worktops are made and how this provides some excellent features and benefits for these worktops.

    A rainbow of colours

    Natural Quartz can be as clear and colourless as glass or a deep rich shade of red, purple, brown or black. Samsung Radianz Quartz is available in over 25 colours, and other Quartz worktop brands in our range offer additional variety. Processed stones can easily be dyed to create a rainbow of colours so whether you want pillar box red or the palest pink, vivid yellow or subtle greens, granite grey or white, there’ll be something for you.

    Unlike natural stone, engineered stone is completely uniform in colour meaning it’s easy to match your finished product to the sample so you know that what you see in the showroom is exactly what the end product will look like. If bright colours don’t fit your decor, we’ve got standard colours such as black, grey or white Quartz worktops on offer.

    All that glitters

    Looking for a bit of sparkle? While natural stones like marble and granite rarely shine, Quartz and other processed stones use chips of natural stone and minerals to create stunning effects. The patterning in Quartz worktops like Quarella comes from the pieces of natural stone used in its manufacture. To achieve the smooth texture of quartz, the stone is ground to a fine powder and larger pieces of natural stone are added to give a distinctive look. Adding mica and other reflective minerals can turn a plain black quartz worktop into a starry night sky.

    Tough as Granite

    Quartz means ‘hard’ which is extremely well named as the stone is very tough and robust, which makes it ideal for kitchens as Quartz Kitchen Worktops can often withstand years of wear without a mark. Non-porous and sealed before installation, Quartz worktops are easy to care for, often they only need wiping down with soap and water to keep them looking their best. Ideal for other areas such as laundry rooms, bathroom worktops and even a home bar!

    An affordable choice

    Quartz is one of the world’s most abundant materials so it’s ideal for manufacturing worktops from. A popular design feature, processed stones such as Silestone or Samsung Radianz have the practical features of marble or granite with a wider colour range, more uniform pattern and at a lower price. With these advantages, it’s no surprise that this technological wonder has been such a hit with interior designers and homeowners alike.

    View our full Quartz range online or visit our showroom to explore the range in person and speak to one of our expert team about your new worktop and kitchen project.

    At Surrey Marble and Granite, we offer a full range of natural and processed stones. We’re happy to discuss the differences between marble and quartz, granite and limestone, Samsung and Silestone. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, listening to our customers to deliver their dream product.

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