Black Granite Worktops

Black granite worktops stand as a striking feature in any modern kitchen, exuding sleekness and sophistication. They have become increasingly popular in homes across the UK, due to their versatile ability to provide a perfect finishing touch to both kitchens and bathrooms.

As granite is formed from molten rock which has slowly cooled over thousands of years, it presents a stunning array of patterns, including plain, flecked black, and a unique selection of secondary colours. Whether you envision a midnight, ink, obsidian, or jet black finish, our range of black granite stones is ready to match your dream space.

Timeless Black Granite Countertops

Granite is undeniably one of the most popular kitchen worktop materials in the UK, and many envision black granite when they picture their dream kitchen. Black granite kitchen worktops not only bring a touch of class but are also highly practical, concealing the inevitable nicks and stains that occur in a busy household.

Whether your kitchen is classic or embraces contemporary aesthetics, a black granite worktop is sure to turn heads and become the centrepiece of your space.

Our dedicated team hand-selects the finest granite slabs and crafts bespoke fitted black granite worktops for your home or business in the UK. To explore our full range of worktops and witness their beauty, we welcome you to visit our showroom based in Surrey.