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    It’s hard to imagine how much variation nature can create until you see the full range of grey granite available. Between white and black granite you’ll find dozens of different shades and patterns. Granite typically has a distinctive grainy pattern, and if this or the background stone colour is grey, we count it as one of our grey granite countertops. Visit our showroom and you’ll be able to see the full range of colours and patterns this offers, from grey grains on a yellow-grey background to black and white which, thanks to optical mixing, look grey at a distance, the options are truly endless.

    Grey granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom

    Tough as rock, grey granite worktops are excellent choices for your kitchen worktop. Granite is one of the strongest stones available and has been a popular building material for thousands of years – and some granite structures, such as Cleopatra’s Needle in London, have lasted for thousands of years after being built. We don’t expect your kitchen to last more than a century, but we do know that finished grey granite worktops are hard to damage.

    Benefits of Grey Granite Worktops

    Grey Granite Countertops have a range of benefits including:

    • Scratch resistant
    • Difficult to damage, dent or crack
    • Waterproof
    • Stain-resistant
    • Impervious to heat and cold
    • Available in a range of natural colours and patterns

    Contact our team to discuss options for your brand new grey granite worktop today. We have over 20 years of experience working with a range of natural and manufactured stones, and offer a complete service from design to manufacturing and installation.

    Granite Finishes

    What’s the difference?

    The same stone can look very different when you alter the finish used on the stone. Grey granite worktops are often strongly patterned, and for this reason, the choice of finish is particularly important with these stones.

    grey granite worktops


    The classic, full-gloss look highlights the variation in the stone, letting any graining shine through. It’s a great choice for highly differentiated stone, such as black or white and greys.

    grey granite worktops

    Antique or Flamed

    A strongly textured finish gives the most naturalistic look. Grey granite with a rough texture can look like it’s been found perfectly formed on a mountainside, which is ideal for the natural look.

    grey granite worktops

    Satinato or Leathered

    Less strongly textured, this finish is still matt and natural looking. We recommend viewing and handling textured finishes in person if possible.

    grey granite worktops


    Fully smooth yet still a matt finish, this option can make some grey granite worktops look greyed-out. It can reduce the visual impact of graining, which may be the right choice for a grey granite worktop paired with statement cabinets.

    Get a free sample to help you decide on your next grey granite worktop.

    Experience and expertise in creating stunning grey granite kitchen worktops

    Our team of stone workers and kitchen specialists are proud that our decades of experience have resulted in thousands of satisfied customers. We now offer a complete kitchen redesign service, as well as crafting bespoke stone kitchen worktops and our experts are on hand to answer your questions about any aspect of the process. We are also thrilled to have positive feedback from so many of our customers who have recommended us to friends or online. You can visit independent review site Checkatrade for more information – at the time of writing, we have a score of 9.9 out of 10.

    Bespoke kitchen and bathroom worktops made for you

    Every kitchen is unique, which means that every kitchen worktop needs to be slightly different. Whether you’re looking for something unusual, such as a bespoke shape or a split-level counter, or simply need a team who can accommodate the quirks of your home, Surrey Marble and Granite will create the perfect grey granite worktop for you. As expert stone workers, we keep every step of the process in house, cutting and finishing all our grey granite worktops in our Surrey workshop. We’re happy to answer questions about any stage of the process and welcome visitors to our workshop. Drop in during our regular opening hours or contact us to make a special appointment.