Grey Quartz Worktops

Grey quartz worktops are a great feature for any modern kitchen or bathroom, being both stylish and modern. Quartz is perfect for kitchen worktops as it’s available in a variety of colours so is able to add a much needed update to a tired room or simply add that perfect finishing touch.

As quartz is a highly adaptable material, we can offer beautiful patterns including plain, flecked grey, grey sparkle or streaked using glass. Grey quartz countertops create a beautiful and elegant finish, giving your kitchen or room a truly unique feel.

High-Quality Grey Quartz Worktops

Grey worktops are ideal for a modern look in your home and kitchen as they offer a light, fresh tone and opens the room whilst offering a subtle neutral colour to the room. Grey quartz worktops are also ideal as they hide any nicks and stains that are bound to happen in a busy kitchen.

As grey is neutral, it will match almost any other colour scheme or can soften an all-black room to add depth with a feature kitchen worktop. No matter if your kitchen design is classic or contemporary, adding a grey quartz worktop will certainly turn heads.

Quartz surfaces are a unique material that can imitate more precious, natural stones such as marble, but without the hefty cost or high maintenance. This means our grey quartz worktops are not only stunning, they are cost effective too. To see our full range of luxury stone worktops, you can visit our Surrey-based showroom.