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    Luxurious Stone Marble Bathrooms

    Choosing the perfect stone for your bathroom design can be tricky. With so many factors that need to be considered, finding one that hits all your targets isn’t always easy. A marble bathroom may be the solution to your problem; marble is a fantastic natural stone to utilise anywhere in the home.

    Every time you take a shower, you have the opportunity to feel luxurious with that amazing marble effect. Marble is timeless and will look beautiful for years to come. You can use marble in a number of ways throughout your bathroom including:

    • Marble Floor Tiles
    • Marble Vanity
    • Marble Wall Tiles
    • Marble Countertop 
    • Marble Shower Walls

    Our experts can install stunning Marble Bathrooms that hard-wearing and durable for long-lasting luxury. We can also offer marble mosaic designs on the floor or walls of your en suite or modern bathroom.

    Using a Marble sealant will help the stone resists staining and even the most highly polished marble surfaces can be revitalised by repolishing and resealing.

    The Benefits of Marble Bathrooms

    Having a bathroom on the smaller side can sometimes limit what you can do. The luxurious gloss of marble can make your interior design feel large and spacious by adding dimension. The texture will light up the whole room and make it look regal. Marble truly brings a sense of grandeur to any room.

    Another great option for your bathroom floor as it’s so durable and resists cracks and scratches. If you have a bustling family life, you can still enjoy a beautiful bathroom without worrying. Our services are affordable and comprehensive, have a look at our case studies to see our satisfied clients.

    Marble Tile Bathroom, Marble Floor, and Other Marble Varieties

    Marble comes in a wide range of natural colours so you can choose something that’s truly unique. The veining within the stone ranges from subtle to dramatic which means that no two pieces are the same. You can choose the perfect look for your stone bathroom confident in the knowledge that it will be truly unique. Having your own chosen vanity unit, marble floors and marble tiling on the floor of your bathroom will make it unique to yourself.

    If you are interested in a beautiful Marble bathroom, Marble tile bathroom, or other Marble elements, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts today. We can give you further information and recommendations to help you achieve your dream bathroom. As well as marble, we offer a variety of different stones such as Quartz, Limestone and Granite.

    If you’re creating your perfect home, our professionals can provide a bespoke kitchen refurbishment service to help you achieve your goal.

    Marble Finishes

    Choose the finish for your Marble Bathroom

    grey granite worktops


    Glossy with a smooth, shiny finish. Will typically bring out characteristics and colours of the material

    grey granite worktops

    Antique or Flamed

    Matt with a rough, textured finish. May make colours and features of the stone less noticeable but gives a very natural appearance

    grey granite worktops

    Satinato or Leathered

    Almost matt, sometimes with a soft sheen and a light textured finish. A good alternative to antiqued or flamed where less texture is required.

    grey granite worktops


    Completely matt and fully smooth Can make materials look lighter and colours more greyed out.

    Get a free sample of Marble to help you create your next bathroom

    Stylish Marble Bathroom Ideas

    Being impermeable when correctly sealed, Marble is the perfect material for your white marble bathroom. It is very easy to keep clean as water can be simply wiped away.

    Marble can be used for walls, tiles, slabs and looks great as flooring; we even supply Marble baths and sinks. You can customise your main or master bathroom with a range of different colour combinations and styles to get a unique look.

    If you have an idea of what you are looking for or would like to preview the designs, you can visit our showroom and have a look at the gallery of Marble we have in stock. We have examples of bookmatched Marble wall and floor cladding as well as vanity tops and bath surrounds.

    Popular Stone Bathrooms

    Over recent years stone bathrooms have become very popular and as such a variety of designs from contemporary to modern have been created. This increase in volume means the price has come down significantly. A beautiful marble bathroom may be less expensive than you might imagine and you could save yourself money in the long term as it has many long-lasting qualities.

    But it’s not only Marble bathrooms that have become so popular. Granite, Limestone and Quartz are all being regularly used in bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms. These stones are all of course fantastically hardwearing and make your bathroom look a million dollars.

    Take a look at our Marble Bathrooms Today!

    If you’re interested in having any of these stones in your bathroom please come and have a look in our showroom where you’ll be able to see what they will look like in situ. We will be able to give you all the advice you need plus samples of your chosen stone and provide you with a quote.

    Decorating your bathroom with marble is a great choice and we only source the finest stone. You can use marble not only within the bathroom, but it also looks sophisticated in the kitchen as a countertop, to find out more about marble worktops click here. We also offer Marble Effect Worktops for those would rather the perks of Quartz that looks like Marble.

    If you have any questions or need more information about our marble stone bathrooms, please call us on 01428 651940 or visit our showroom.