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marble effect worktops

Advantages of Marble Effect Worktops

Cedric Mattock

Owner & Managing Director

Marble is a popular material and  has long been held as a luxurious stone that has been used in decadent ways, such as sculptures and creating masterpieces such as the Pantheon. These days, Marble is becoming more common as a kitchen worktop, and for those who don’t have the budget for it, Marble Effect Stone and marble patterns are becoming increasingly popular.

At Surrey Marble and Granite, we offer a wide range of stones that can mimic the look of marble or we can offer real marble for your kitchen design project so our experts are very knowledgable when it comes to choosing the right stone for you. Below our experts have created a list of advantages to having a Marble Effect Worktop rather than a real Marble worktop.

Benefits of Marble Effect Worktops

  • Wide variety of colours
  • Easy to clean with a soft cloth
  • As some of these products are man-made, patterns can be recreated to match existing pieces
  • Consisten pattern throughout your piece
  • Lower cost than real marble
  • Stain resistant

Wide Variety of Marble Effect Colours

There are many different stones that can be used for marble effect laminate worktops and tiles, including Quartz, Granite, Porcelain and Ceramic. These stones are available in a range of colours, materials and patterns such as white marble, or black granite that you can choose from to properly complement your decor. 

Marble Effect has Lower Costs

One main advantage of Marble Effect kitchen countertops is that they can be low cost when compared to natural Marble surfaces. This is generally because some of the options are man-made and will be significantly lighter than marble, which can make it easier to work with.

Consistent Marble Pattern

One characteristic of Marble is that every piece will be completely unique, as it is a natural stone. This can be an advantage if you like that effect but if you would prefer a more consistent colour and pattern (though there will still be some variation), a marble effect worktop or tiles would be more likely to achieve consistency than natural marble.

You can browse our different types of marble-effect stones to see which one you like the best. If you need help deciding between these different stones, ask us for a sample so that you can properly compare them or visit our showroom to experience our range of marble and marble effect stones in person.

Stain Resistant

If using marble for a worktop or flooring – or anywhere else for that matter – it will need to be sealed so that water and other substances cannot get into it. Unlike marble, marble-effect work surfaces tend to be a far less porous material and will be less likely to pick up stains, sometimes without the need for sealing. This means that they will be suitable for high-traffic areas, without needing to worry so much about any damage being caused to the stone.

Speak to an expert

If you have any questions regarding marble effect stones or our wider range of natural and man-made stones, speak to one of our experts today to discuss your project and the most suitable material for the job. For more information about our stones, get in touch with our team today on 01428 651940 or contact us via to arrange a visit to our showroom.

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