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    Granite Worktop Repair and Restoration

    As tough and hardwearing as it is, granite can still lose its shine after years of use or misuse. If you’ve got a Granite Worktop, floor, staircase or other feature which no longer looks its best, don’t despair. Here are 5 steps you can take to repair granite worktops and improve the look of granite worktops, floor or steps.

    1. Give it a thorough cleaning

    It may just be dirt that’s making the stone look dull, particularly if you’ve recently bought a property with existing granite features that may not have been well cared for. Start by cleaning the stone thoroughly with a gentle cleaner such as dish soap. Don’t use any scourers, steel wool or abrasive cleaners – these will damage the finish of the stone making it impossible to get a high gloss polish. This is also a good time to check for damage, including chips, scratches or dull patches that might require more serious granite repair work.

    2. Invest in a specialist granite polish

    Repair the appearance of your granite with a specialist stone cleaner to improve the appearance of dull patches. Choose one designed for granite and follow the instructions precisely. This should restore the shine but obviously won’t hide major damage. If your stone has suffered major damage, you should look into granite repair from a professional.

    At Surrey Marble and Granite we supply granite worktop care kits to help our customers maintain their worktops so they look as good as new.

    3. Consult a Granite worktop repair professional

    If ordinary cleaning isn’t enough and major granite repair is needed, it’s best to consult a professional before taking further action yourself. If the granite is chipped, cracked, stained or the finish has large dull patches, you may need professional quality tools to create a seamless repair. Even if you decide to go ahead and attempt the repairs yourself, its worth getting a few quotes and having a chat with a pro.

    4. Fill cracks and chips

    Cracks and chips in granite are rare, but if they occur they should be filled with matching stone paste. Large areas of damage will need careful repair work in order to hide the repair. It’s also important to check that the slab or tile is properly supported if a crack has appeared – you don’t want to repair a crack in a granite worktop only to find a new one appears a year or two later! If you’re looking for a local granite repair company, speak to our experts at Surrey Marble and Granite who can help off advice and servicing on granite worktops.

    5. Book a professional re-polishing

    Granite is one of the toughest stones in the world, so granite restoration requires professional tools to achieve a high quality polishing finish to transform your dull granite worktop or flooring. The polishing tool will remove a very fine layer of the stone, exposing fresh, undamaged stone underneath giving the whole piece an ‘as new’ look. We’ve seen the effect in homes and it can be truly stunning so if you’re looking for a local granite worktop restorer, contact our team to find out how we can help.

    6. Replace one slab or section

    At Surrey Marble and Granite, we can often source similar stones where one part of a granite worktop, floor or staircase needs to be replaced but the rest is sound. Granite is a natural stone which means that no two slabs, even two mined from the same quarry on the same day, will be identical, so some compromise may be needed.

    If you’re looking to refurbish or repair a Granite worktop, or you’re looking for additional advice on granite worktop repair, our team of experts are available to help!

    Local Granite Installation Experts

    We work in a range of areas across the South East of England including Surrey, London and Hampshire. Our local installation team are experts in handling your projects and producing excellent results. With over 20 years of experience, we offer fair pricing as we get our granite direct from the quarry, we have an excellent design team, top of the range equipment for fabricating your project, plus we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and high quality work.

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