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Introducing Dekton!

Cedric Mattock

Owner & Managing Director

At Surrey Marble and Granite, we’re keen to keep abreast of new developments in our industry. Dekton and its Sinterized Particle Technology is an exciting new arrival on the scene. We’re proud to offer the complete range of Dekton colours.

Dekton is suitable for a wide range of applications, from poolside paving to kitchen worktops, restaurant bars to patios. An extremely tough material, the manufacturing methods used give it a beauty very like natural stone.

What is Dekton?

An engineered stone, Dekton is the product of modern technological developments. Created by Consentino, Dekton is an ultra-compacted material which mimics the extreme natural conditions that transform quartz and sand into stone.

Natural stone is formed over thousands of years – Dekton is ready to use in just a few hours. The process is called Sinterized Particle Technology and uses extreme heat and pressure to fuse materials including quartz, glass, porcelain and sand so they come out tough as stone. 

The result is an impressive material that is truly beautiful and incredibly practical.

What Are the Benefits of Dekton?

  • You can put a hot pan down on it – it’s heat resistant
  • Very difficult to scratch, chip or damage
  • Easy to clean meaning spills wipe off – Dekton is non-porous
  • It’s UV resistant – colours won’t fade in the sun
  • It’s fireproof
  • It’s food safe
  • Does not stain
  • It’s beautiful
  • It’s available in over 30 colours

Are you looking to compare Dekton with other Quartz brands? Our experts have put together this Dekton comparison article

What is Dekton Used for?

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms

The team at Consentino have designed Dekton to be perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. As it can handle being in constant contact with water, there’s no need to worry about damp air, spills or splashes. It’s tough and hard to damage, yet easy to wipe clean. It’s food safe but you don’t need to worry if someone puts down a hot drink – or a pan straight from the oven. With over 30 beautiful colours and textures to choose from, it’s a great new find for anyone renovating their kitchen or bathroom. 

Dekton can also be used for so many other applications! As the stone is manufactured in slabs up to 3.2×1.44m (10.5×4.7 feet) in size and thicknesses of 8, 12 and 30mm (0.3, 0.5 and 1.2 inches) it can be cut to shape to make almost any stone surface, from wall cladding to flooring, staircases to fireplaces, table tops to floating shelves.

Great For Outdoor Spaces

As Dekton is heat and fire resistant; unaffected by snow, ice and low temperatures; and doesn’t fade in sunlight, it is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor applications

Dekton won’t fade in the sun and is designed to handle freezing weather, thaws and constant contact with water. This makes it ideal for outdoor spaces, such as poolside tiling, patios and pergolas. As well as being able to create a flow with your decor from your indoor space to your outdoor space in conservatories and leisure areas.

Dekton provides an elegant alternative to traditional, porous concrete slabs which can quickly become stained and marked. Thanks to its unusual manufacturing, Dekton is non-porous and very nearly stain-proof. 

Quality & Affordable Material For Businesses

Dekton is an ideal material for your business due to its robustness and reliability. It’s a firm favourite in a number of businesses including spas, high-end restaurants and hotels because you can achieve practical solutions without sacrificing elegance and style.

Need To Know About Dekton

As Dekton is so tough, it needs specialist equipment to cut and shape it. As experienced stone workers, our team at Surrey Marble and Granite are able to deal with all the quirks and tricks of this new material. 

Many kitchen and bathroom fitters work with pre-prepared pieces. It’s best to choose expert stone workers to handle Dekton and critical to have a template properly made as it can’t be trimmed on-site if it doesn’t fit.

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