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    Advantages of Limestone Worktops

    Choosing a new worktop can be a difficult decision. You will need to take into account your preferences, suitability and budget as there are many great natural stones from which you can choose, all with their own advantages. Below we’re going to run through the advantages of Limestone Worktops for your home or business. If you have any questions, speak to one of our friendly experts.

    1. Sleek Look

    Limestone Worktops are very attractive and can be a great way to bring a room together. The stone will be prepared and shaped the way that you have specified so that you will be able to achieve your designed result. Limestone flooring is also a fantastic option for your home and the two can be paired together very well for a sleek look overall.

    Discover Kitchen Worktop Edge Detail options.

    1. Limestone worktops available in a wide variety of colours

    Limestone can be installed in many different colours and styles. This means that it will be easier for you to find a style that will perfectly complement your home, whether you want a bold piece to make a statement or you are looking for a worktop with a more subtle shade to contrast other colours.

    1. Limestone is a good alternative for Marble

    Depending on what type of Limestone you choose and how it is harvested, Limestone can resemble Marble’s patterns and colours, as the two are closely related. Furthermore, some Limestone products, depending on your specifications, can have a lower cost than Marble, which can make it a good alternative for those with a smaller budget but looking for a similar finish.

    1. Tried and tested material

    Limestone is a popular material in the home and has also been a crucial component of many famous architectural works, such as the Parthenon, Great Pyramids and the Lincoln Memorial. When cared for properly, Limestone is an excellent material for your kitchen worktop, find out how to care for Limestone.

    Things to consider when buying a Limestone Worktop

    Limestone, as discussed above, is a great surface to use in your home but you should remember the following so that you can get the most out of your Limestone worktop:

    1. Limestone kitchen surfaces need re-sealing

    You will need to re-seal your limestone worktop every few months, as the surfaces are porous and can be susceptible to staining. Regularly sealing your limestone worktop should counteract this and if you clear up any spills or messes straight away, this will limit the risk of staining issues.

    1. Use potholders and chopping boards

    As a fairly soft stone, you will need to avoid damaging it. You can reduce the risk of damaging your Limestone worktop by using chopping boards during food preparation and using pan rests for any hot cooking implements.

    1. Avoid acidic cleaners

    Acidic cleaners can damage a Limestone Worktop so try to find other options that will not damage your worktop. If you need advice on suitable cleaners for your limestone worktop, you can discuss this with our team during your consultation or check out our article, Tips for Caring for Limestone.

    If you are considering a limestone worktop for your home, get in touch with our natural limestone experts today on 01428 787185 or get in touch via We have many options for you to choose from, including the colour, pattern, thickness and finish. Contact us today for your quote or to get more information so you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

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