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We are a leading supplier of quartz worktops in Slough and the surrounding area. We offer a huge range of different colours and finishes. Quartz kitchen worktops are rapidly rising in popularity due to their stylish look and hard wearing qualities. 

Quartz is a sought after material for kitchen worktops as they boast a lot of good qualities that some other materials may not have. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but its hard wearing surface means it’s durable and scratch resistant. Germs are no match for quartz as its non-porous surface means they cannot get into the worktop, all cleaning requires is a wipe down with mild soap and water. Quartz can also withstand very high heat, although we would recommend using a trivet for hot items to protect the quality of your stone worktop over time.

Please see our range of Quartz kitchen worktops below:

Quartz Brands

Silestone Quartz kitchen

Silestone is another man-made stone, which is versatile enough to be used throughout the house. It has a great contemporary look and makes a statement whichever room you use it in and because of its benefits is excellent for countertops.


Radianz Quartz is specially designed to cope with the demands of today’s modern home or office. The product is so versatile it can be used in virtually any room in the house.

Cimstone Quartz Worktop

Cimstone was created in Italy and is made from 93% solid quartz and 7% polyester resin that makes the worktop non-porous and durable.

Quartz Quartzforms Kitchen

Quartzforms surfaces are made in Germany and combine world-famous German manufacturing skills with Italian design flair. Quartzforms are the ultimate technological development of stone into the perfect worksurface.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Another brilliant man-made stone, Compac Technological Quartz is the perfect stone for virtually any surface, either in your home or work place.

Antico Quartz

CRL Quartz has taken the best from nature and has engineered an elegant and practical stone that is ideal for the conditions of the modern kitchen worktop.

Okite Quartz Worktops

Okite is another fabulous, modern, man-made stone, which can be used almost anywhere around your home or in commercial situations to add some extra style to your stone countertops or surfaces.

Quarella Quartz Kitchen

Quarella is an engineered stone, made in Italy, which produces surfaces which require almost no maintenance at all. Quarella is an ideal stone for your home and, in many ways, makes better bespoke kitchen worktops than natural slabs of stone.

Quartz Arena Stone

Arena Stone is a modern man-made stone. As one of the largest suppliers of stone in the UK, we stock a wide range of Arena Stone, which is so flexible you can use it throughout the house.

Enquire about our quartz worktops in Slough

Quartz Worktops Slough: Renovations & Refurbishments

Unlike natural stones like marble, quartz is man made which means the colour is able to be manipulated. This allows a wide range of designs and colours for your worktop, which is both stylish and unique. Our manufacturers like Radianz and CRL use professional techniques to create their stones and then we supply a range for our client’s selection.

Some people may be put off by the price of new worktops, but quartz is surprisingly inexpensive and can add value to your home. Renovating a kitchen can seem like a daunting process but we have different options for you depending on your budget. Our craftsmen can turn quartz slabs into beautiful, bespoke worktops for your kitchen, transforming the room and your home.

Tailored design for your requirements

We operate on a close basis with our customers so we can guarantee they are getting exactly what they want. We provide a tailored service and our experts can recommend colours and finishes with your kitchen in mind so you know it will be a perfect match. Our experts are friendly and knowledgeable, with years of experience in the trade. We have a wide portfolio of work that demonstrates our ability to install high-quality kitchens and worktops.

Not only can we provide stunning worktops, but we can also source your sinks, hobs, taps and anything else you need for your dream kitchen. We can also provide professionals to do any electrical, gas and plumbing work that is needed. By choosing Surrey Marble and Granite you can be assured it will be a smooth and stress-free process. 

Our experts install and renovate Quartz worktops in Slough and many more locations throughout the North East. We also are able to install kitchens from areas such as London, Croydon, Essex and areas in the South. Visit our showroom today to see samples and we can provide quotes and more information about the services we offer.

At Surrey Marble and Granite, we don’t just specialise in quartz kitchen worktops, we also supply and install Granite, Marble, Neolith and many more premium stones.

If you wish to request more information about a particular stone or would like to arrange a visit at our showroom, please feel free to call our team, we are always happy to help on 01428 651940 or visit our showroom and to speak to our friendly and informative staff at Surrey Marble and Granite.