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    Okite is another fabulous, modern, man-made stone which can be used almost anywhere around your home or in commercial situations to add some extra style to your stone countertops or surfaces.

    At Surrey Marble and Granite at any time we will have a huge range of colours available so please talk to us if you need help and advice making your choice.

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    What is Okite?

    Okite is a beautiful man-made Italian stone, made from up to 93% quartz and then mixed with polyester resin and natural pigments.

    It was originally developed for kitchen surfaces and countertops but also adds style and class to bathrooms, flooring, walls both in homes and in offices and bars.

    Why choose Okite?

    Okite will add a real sense of style and class to your kitchen, bathroom or workplace. We stock a huge range of okite colours, so you are sure to find a colour to complement your chosen or existing colour scheme.

    Being made predominantly of natural quartz, Okite is five times stronger and more durable than granite. This means its surface is very hard to scratch or damage and its surface won’t be harmed by hot pans. Okite doesn’t need to be sealed and is very resistant to staining, even from things like red wine, coffee and oil, perfect for use within the kitchen. Being totally non porous, it won’t harbour harmful bacteria and so can be cleaned with just a cloth and hot water. This makes it a great choice for kitchen worktops, countertops or surfaces or as a bathroom worktop or surface.

    We also offer a variety of other stones such as Granite, Dekton, Silestone and many more. We provide premium stones that each in there own right offer advantages. We screen all of our stones quality so that our customers get the best product for their requirements.

    If you need more information or help please call us on 01428 651940 or visit our showroom. Click here for our showroom opening times.

    Advantages of Okite worktops

    Easy to clean

    Hard to damage or scratch

    Stain resistant


    Safe for food preparation

    Five times stronger than granite

    Dozens of colours

    Jewel-like shades

    Okite Countertops

    From deep to granite grey, jewel tones to marble white, Okite is available in a broad array of colours. There are a number of styles, from almost solid shades through to rugged blends where the natural variation of the quartz pieces is used to full effect. The latest addition to the Okite range is the Pietre Preziose collection. These engineered stones have a clear core, giving them the effect of precious jewels. They are particularly effective when lit from behind as the light shines through, making the stone sparkle like a ruby or diamond.

    Other uses for Okite

    Okite worktops are food safe and suitable for the preparation of all kinds of foods. The surface is cool and food can be prepared directly on the surface, making it a good choice for bars, cafes and restaurants. Unlike natural stone, Okite is non-porous. This means that it resists stains, scratches and marking better than marble. In most cases, you can clean an Okite worktop by simply wiping it down.


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