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stone cutting at Surrey Marble and Granite

Marble Cut to Size: Bespoke Marble Cutting Service in the UK

Cedric Mattock

Owner & Managing Director

Marble Cut To Size

As stone-cutting experts, Surrey Marble and Granite undertake custom projects of all sizes, from handling an awkward corner in a small kitchen worktop to creating a seaworthy Marble bathroom for a super-yacht. We carry out complete projects, from templating to making made-to-measure marble pieces to installation by our expert team. With over 23 years of trading and 30 years of experience working with Marble, your project is in safe hands from start to finish.

Expert Stone Cutting

We believe that marble is one of the most beautiful, versatile natural, and porous stone materials so it’s a joy to create stonework that is visually appealing, pleasant to touch and easy to use. Our goal with all our projects is to provide a premium service at an affordable price, giving our customers the beautiful colours, high quality and unique designs that they require.

Bespoke Stone Cutting

Our reliable local stone cutting service is based in Surrey we use premium equipment to achieve premium results. We install our made to measure marble in a number of local areas, for projects further away we can supply and offer our stone cutting services, for installation, please check with our team.  

Axis Sawing Machine

Our work includes marble slab cut to size for a number of projects including custom-sized marble staircases, marble table tops cut to size, marble worktops and more. Your local marble cutting service can also be used to create beautiful designs in your marble by adding swirls and flourishes to any design.

We don’t just offer a marble cutting service, we also offer a number of other stones cut to site including marble effect quartz brands and Granite. We work with diverse materials and techniques to fabricate the stone pieces that our customers require.

marble cut to size

Getting Marble cut to size for more demanding projects

Stone-cutting isn’t just for houses, and we’re keen to encourage our customers to think outside the box when it comes to their products. Thanks to our flexible modern workshop, our Marble cutting service covers bespoke stonework for all sorts of unusual situations.

Yachts, Tour Buses, and more

As an example, many yachts and deluxe tour buses and motor homes feature stonework, having Marble cut to size by a professional is always great for these unusual projects. In some cases, this type of stone is purely aesthetic, and during fabrication the piece may be slimmed to reduce the weight which is particularly important for land vehicles. In other cases, the weight of the stone can be used to counterbalance an opposing piece which can keep the whole ship on an even keel.

We regularly work with high profile clients and luxury businesses to create exceptional marble experiences, whether that’s the marble bathroom you’ve always dreamed of or offering hotel guests a taste of luxury in the form of a marble bathroom, we can help.

Local Fabrication, International Quality

Our Marble cutting service work is done on-site, in our Surrey workshops, but we source our stone from around the world. This combination of local stone-cutting and working with global suppliers and independent quarries lets us find the best stones for each use and price point so that we can offer quality, fair priced solutions to our customers in the UK.

We’re proud of the quality and history of the products we provide. Therefore we strongly encourage our customers to visit our workshop. If you have a project you want to undertake, our experts will be happy to listen to your requirements and offer advice on the best options for your project as well as show you around our sample gallery. While other stone cutters may be limited by training or lack of imagination, we combine an age-old craft with our vast experience.

If you’d like to know more about our made to measure marble service, get in contact with us to book an appointment in our showroom.

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