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New 5-Axis Sawing Machine

New 5-Axis Sawing Machine

Cedric Mattock

Owner & Managing Director

Surrey Marble and Granite are pleased to share that we have acquired a GMM stone machinery 5-axis sawing machine for our workshop. This has already been a brilliant addition to the company, and exactly what we needed to continue producing a first-class service for our customers. The 5 axis includes x, y, z, r and w which are the perfect combination for stone manufacturing.

Our team was thrilled when it was recently delivered. We spent some time building the area for it, making sure it was all set up properly before we put it to the test.

Our new 5-Axis sawing machine can either be programmed through an application or put into manual mode to help us cut a range of stones It is an extremely precise tool that can result in single or multiple cuts, orthogonal cuts, inclined cuts or circumferences/arcs. Some key features of this machine include:

  • 5 axis interpolation 
  • A head that can rotate up to 370°
  • A head that can tilt up to 90°
  • A maximum blade size of 25 inches
  • Brushless motors result in more fast and precise movements
  • A USB/Ethernet port to help with easy program loading
  • A suspended touchscreen pendant
  • Compatible with CAD/CAM

What this means for our customers?

Using the 5-Axis machine makes stone cutting a lot more effective as the cuts will be more precise, meaning there will be less stone wastage and you can get more out of your product. This machine also makes stone cutting more efficient, if you are making a bulk amount of one item, you could use your programming application, and repeat it as many times as you need. With the head rotating at 370​​° and tilting up to 90°, it means the finish will be more precise and clean, as the head will not have to continually reset back to the original position. 

This phenomenal CNC machine has many other uses apart from sawing; drilling, carving and lettering are some other common abilities of the Brio. It also eliminates the need for a rotating table, as an interpolated mode can result in the same effect when directed to do so.

So, why not be one the first one to receive a product from our new 5-Axis machine to perfectly complete your home?
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