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Why Marble Will Never Go Out of Style

Cedric Mattock

Owner & Managing Director

Marble is one of the most timeless staple materials in the world, believed to be first used in 438 BC. Since then it has been seen everywhere from iconic buildings to the kitchens in our homes. Over recent years it has truly exploded in popularity, and it seems we cannot get enough of this gorgeous material. Marble is a precious stone and is so often mimicked to give us that touch of luxury in everyday life. Historically it was used by the Greeks and Romans, making it a symbol of wealth and royalty which is still noted today. In today’s blog, we will be exploring some of the big questions around marble and the reasons why it will truly never go out of style.

Did you know? Marble takes hundreds of years to form and is found among the oldest parts of the Earths crust. 

What is Marble?

Marble is a rock which forms when intense heat and pressure is projected onto limestone. This process is called metamorphism. Marble’s primary composition is calcite and also usually contains minerals like iron and graphite. During this process, the calcite in the limestone recrystallizes and forms a mass of interlocking calcite crystals. Marble is available in a range of colours because of the different minerals and salts which can change the appearance, and add texture such as veins. One of the things which makes marble so popular is the way it’s made produces slabs which look really unique. This means that when you purchase real marble, each piece has subtly different features. Marble can be dated way back to The Parthenon in Athens, Greece, with the foundation being built from limestone and the columns from Pentelic marble. Some of the most beautiful and iconic buildings are made from this incredible stone, and it can be observed throughout history.

What Can Marble be Used For?

Marble has an incredibly wide range of uses, from buildings to medical, to cosmetics and construction. Marble is a natural stone which makes it extremely durable and resistant to shattering so general wear and tear is not a problem. It is also remarkably versatile and is able to be used throughout the home, from living rooms to bathroom walls to marble stairs and kitchen worktops. Marble’s popularity and benefits mean it can be expensive, however, alternatives which look similar are available. This means you can utilise marble in your home without breaking the bank.

How to Care For Marble

It is very important to carry out some steps to preserve marble’s quality and keep it looking new. If you are cleaning marble countertops or a table, use a clean non-abrasive cloth to wipe it daily. Avoid any harsh chemicals which can damage the stone. Marble needs to be sealed every 6 months. To test the marble and find out when it’s time to refresh it, drop some water on the surface and see if it beads. If not, you will need to seal it again. Avoid stains by wiping up any spills as soon as possible. If you haven’t already, invest in some chopping boards if you have marble countertops. This will protect them and ensure they stay looking new.

Will Marble be a design trend in 2023?

Marble has been used in various forms of art, architecture, and interior design for centuries. Its timeless beauty, elegance, and durability have contributed to its enduring popularity. While design trends evolve over time, marble has proven to be a classic and versatile material that has consistently found its place in various design styles and therefore will continue to be a design trend in 2023.

That being said, it’s important to note that design preferences can change over time. Different materials and styles may gain or lose popularity as new trends emerge. However, it’s unlikely that marble will completely go out of style. It may experience fluctuations in demand, with periods of higher or lower popularity, but its inherent appeal and association with luxury and sophistication make it a resilient choice in the world of design.

Ultimately, the use of marble will depend on individual preferences, design trends, and cultural influences. It’s always a good idea to consider personal taste and the overall aesthetic when choosing materials for your home or any other design project.

Why Marble Will Never Go Out of Style Conclusion

Marble will continue to be seen in properties, mimicked in fashion, and utilised in accessories for years to come. A combination of its gorgeous aesthetic, timeless look, and durability means it will continue to be ever-popular. When utilised in the home, marble looks sleek and luxurious, adding a touch of glamour to every room. Its versatile nature means it can be utilised almost anywhere ensuring this gorgeous stone will never go out of style.

Discover Marble with Surrey Marble and Granite

Our team at Surrey Marble and Granite are leading suppliers of marble, throughout the UK. We can create stunning marble bathrooms, worktops and staircases, kitchens, flooring and fire surrounds. One of the best things about marble is its variety. It’s available in everything from classic white with grey veins through to a contemporary red. This makes a statement in any property. If you want to see some examples of our expertly refined marblework, why not visit our showroom. If you are interested in utilising marble in your home, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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