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2021 predicted kitchen trends

What is a trend? The dictionary defines it as “a general direction in which something is developing or changing.” Throughout time, housing trends have remained fairly consistent, particularly some of the more statement designs of the ’60s and ’70s. With the rise of TV makeover shows and social media, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of interior design and giving their home that extra bit of sparkle. The kitchen, particularly, is the hub of the home, somewhere we typically spend a lot of time and often one of the first rooms we renovate. Popular features tend to change rapidly as we all hop on the next big thing. In today’s blog, we will be exploring some 2021 predicted kitchen trends we think you can expect to see next year on Pinterest and Instagram.

2021 predicted kitchen trends

Current kitchen trends

At the start of the year, we explored some 2020 Kitchen Trends, including Calacatta Marble, Gravity Defying Island and bold black tones. Minimalism has also been a common theme, with monochrome colours and intelligent storage solutions which reduce clutter.  Rose Gold has been a significant player, rising in popularity for kitchen appliances for its subtle glam look. Marble is as popular as ever, and we think this stone will never go out of style. It’s classic yet versatile aesthetic can be seen in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere, giving that touch of luxury.

Waterfall countertop

A waterfall countertop looks great in a modern kitchen, accentuating the sleek look of the workspace. These are characterised by the top of the countertop continuing down the sides, resulting in a smooth transition which looks minimalist. This really ties the room together. Waterfall countertops have been prevalent for years, but are rising in popularity, making it one of our 2021 predicted kitchen trends.

Current kitchen trends

Plant mad

If you log into Instagram and look at any decor post, you are sure to see greenery. House plants are a massive part of 2020 decor, covering kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. These really open up the space, creating an idyllic room which is ideal for relaxing. The sheer popularity of plants means that we are sure this is continuing into 2021, especially with plant subscription boxes flooding the internet.

Open shelving

Open shelving looks great and allows all the kitchen contents to be on display. This looks especially effective if you have specially selected plates, pots, and pans, perhaps of a particular theme or colour. It’s also perfect for having guests round, who can easily see where each item is. Open shelving looks great in a more traditional, style kitchen. We love the way it fills the room with colour and creates a mismatched, rustic theme. We predict this way of storing items will be popular in 2021.

White kitchen designs

White kitchen designs

White has always been a popular kitchen colour, looking sleek and clean, an important factor in this space. We predict a rise in all white kitchen designs in 2021. Not only do these look aesthetic and minimalist, but they also open up space. Smaller properties benefit from a white kitchen which gives the impression of being much larger. White stands the test of time, remaining popular so is certainly a safe bet for the redesign of a room and is one of our 2021 predicted kitchen trends.

Smart Design Kitchens

In the modern world, it would seem we are all looking for a smarter, more efficient way of doing things. Whether that be the latest car with drive assist to the newest phone which is slimmer than ever with the most features to use. Smart kitchen designs are an excellent way to make the most of your space and utilise what you have. This is especially useful in a small or awkwardly shaped room. Removing clutter makes your kitchen look better and means the owner feels less stressed and overwhelmed.

Some of our favourite aspects of smart kitchen designs are rotating and spinning cupboards, which allow a lot of kitchenware to be stored in a small space, allowing the owner to spin around to browse at ease. Not only does this save space, but this enables you to see the contents far more easily than if everything was thrown in a cupboard.

Smart Design Kitchens

Backsplash trends

The backsplash of a kitchen really ties the room together and can be personalised to your property. We love the look of geometric shapes, which can be tailored to the style of the kitchen. From simple yet effective monochrome triangles to intricate lines and patterns, these features can make a big difference in the kitchen. If you want to go for something different, bright mosaic tiles look really unique. These are perfect for a rustic style of kitchen. One of the most unusual backsplash trends we’ve seen online is those replacing the typical wall with windows opening to a beautiful view, a really aesthetic look. Will we see more of this in 2021?

2021 predicted kitchen trends conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog on 2021 predicted kitchen trends. Which is your favourite? If you have a kitchen feature you’d like to add, speak to one of our team at Surrey Marble and Granite. We are expert in all things stone, new worktop and kitchen refurbishment. We have created many clients dream kitchens at a surprisingly affordable price. Our designers create everything from scratch, working from initial design to an efficient building process. Our team can recommend the best style and materials which will transform your space. Whether you’ve bought a new property and the kitchen isn’t your style, or you want to update a tired room, we can help you. Contact us now for further information.

Want to see some examples of our work? Come and visit us at our showroom! We are currently available for appointments only. Our friendly staff are on hand to show you around our displays and answer any questions you may have. Our huge range of granite and quartz are on offer, many of which have samples you can take away. Viewing our products in person allows you to get the true feel of the quality, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment.

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