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    Why Granite is Perfect for Bathrooms

    Granite has surged in popularity in recent years as it’s a timeless, luxurious and practical, all-natural stone that is very on-trend at the moment. Many people assume that Granite can’t be used in bathrooms but that’s wrong, if you’re looking for a stone bathroom, there are a number of different bathrooms such as Marble bathrooms but there are a number of different reasons that Granite is perfect for bathrooms. 

    Is Granite good for bathrooms?

    Granite is extremely durable, it is scratch and stain resistant and easy to clean so it’s perfect for busy environments like bathrooms so it’s no surprise that Granite bathrooms have become so popular but along with a range of excellent qualities, there are associated costs.

    Benefits of a Granite Bathroom

    Granite is waterproof

    Trapped moisture leads to mould, rotten walls and other problems. Granite is waterproof which means that water vapour in the air and splashes of water from the shower, bath or sink can’t penetrate through the Granite countertop or tiles. It might seem obvious, but choosing a material which can’t absorb water is the easiest way to keep your bathroom clean and fresh and prevent more extensive damage to your home. 

    Granite is easy to clean

    Granite is non-porous which means that water, dirt, bacteria, soap and smells aren’t absorbed by the stone – they just rest on the surface. This means that the surfaces are very hygienic and cleaning up is easy. Many people find that all they need to do is wipe down their Granite worktop or bathroom tiles with a mild cleaner and a cloth, or soap and water. Find out how to clean Granite with this quick guide.

    It’s important to note that Granite is extremely slippery when wet, due to water resting on the surface, so it’s important to take precautions when using Granite bathroom tiles for flooring.

    Granite Bathroom Tiles and Slabs

    From a purely practical point of view, when planning a stone bathroom you’ll want options. Granite, a natural stone, is quarried and then cut into various thicknesses before shipping. This includes both thin tiles, ideal for creating a splashback or bath surround, and thicker slabs, ideal for a Granite worktop, vanity or table top.

    Granite is Extremely Durable

    Granite is one of the toughest natural materials out there, which makes it very hard to damage. It doesn’t stain easily – it’s even been known to resist hair dye and fake tan, although we don’t advise testing it out! It’s also very hard to chip or break Granite tiles or to crack or damage a Granite worktop which makes it ideal for the rough and tumble of family life. Discover what you could achieve with a Granite bathroom by visiting our showroom in Surrey.

    Granite Lasts Decades

    Used as a building material in high-traffic areas such as floors and courtyards, Granite is known for lasting for centuries. We don’t know if your house will last that long, but we can definitely say that a Granite bathroom can last you decades with proper care. If cared for, Granite doesn’t weather or fade in sunlight, your Granite bathroom will look as beautiful as it did on installation day, every day.

    Granite is a Beautiful Natural Stone

    Last but certainly not least, Granite is a stunning natural stone. Each slab and tile is unique as it was formed deep in the earth’s crust by extreme heat and pressure over thousands of years. As a result, the stone from each different Granite quarry has its own unique qualities and no two Granite worktops are entirely identical. This also means when opting for Granite bathroom tiles or a Granite bathroom vanity, you’ll achieve a beautiful pattern and finish in your feature. There are many different colours of Granite, including white, grey and black Granite, with flecks of different colours. By choosing Granite for your bathroom, you are selecting an amazing natural product with its long history written on its surface.

    Expert Granite Supplier

    At Surrey Marble and Granite we have over 20 years of experience working with end cusomers and trade to supply beautiful, quality Granite products manufactured and installed by our in-house experts. Discover our wide collection of Granite or visit our showroom to discuss your upcoming project and view our stones in person.

    View our collection of Granite

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