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    10 Great Uses Of Granite

    Granite is one of the world’s toughest construction materials and has been used in buildings for thousands of years as a coarse, grained, dimension stone. A natural stone, it is formed by extreme heat and pressure deep underground. Find out more about the origins of granite and what granite is used for.

    Find out more about the origins of Granite

    1. Monuments – built to last

    From gravestones to temples, monuments that are intended to last down the generations are often made of Granite. Before power tools existed, carving granite was laborious and time-consuming, so the stone was often reserved for important projects.



    2. A core of strength

    What do Roman bridges, the Pyramids and cathedrals have in common? Granite of course! Many ancient and historic buildings use Granite blocks to create a core of strength at their centres. As Granite can be polished to a beautiful sheen or clad in another stone, it was commonly used for supporting pillars.

    3. Beautiful floors

    Polished Granite is a stunning natural stone, and is often used alongside Marble and floor tiles. Whilst Marble often has very striking veining, Granite typically has a more subtle patterning making the two stones perfect complements.

    Explore Granite Flooring

    4. Paths and patios

    Granite paving stone slabs are ideal for use outdoors as they are very tough and weather-resistant. Many people are surprised at the number of shades of Granite that are available – paving slabs come in a wide range of hues, from red to green, as well as the well-known greys and blacks.

    5. External cladding and building blocks

    Halfway through our 10 great uses of Granite, we have building blocks. Rough-hewn Granite looks very different from the high gloss finished stone you’ll often see indoors. Many cultural groups use rough-hewn granite as building blocks or cladding for important buildings such as building bridges, paving monuments, town halls and religious buildings.

    uses of granite

    6. Mosaics and tile patterns

    As natural Granite is available in many colours, it’s entirely possible to create a mosaic or tile pattern using only this stone. Using a single type of tough stone is a good way to ensure that no part of the patterned floor wears out. 

    7. Backsplashes and bathroom tiles

    Modern technologies allow us to cut thin granite tiles than ever before, making it an ideal choice for a backsplash or tiled bathroom. As a result, Granite is water resistant and stain-resistant. This makes it easy to handle the damp and dirt.

    Granite for bathrooms

    8. Mantelpieces and staircases

    Using larger slabs of Granite is a great way to preserve and display the beauty of the stone. Granite mantels and stairs are popular thanks to their blend of beauty and practicality: granite mantels won’t catch fire and Granite stairs won’t wear out.

    9. Granite kitchen worktops

    Granite is used for bathroom and kitchen countertops and worktops. It’s an extremely popular choice as it is waterproof, stain resistant, heat resistant, easy to clean and hard to damage so it’s a very practical material as well as very beautiful.

    uses of granite

    10. As a gemstone 

    Granite countertops are commonly known for being affordable building materials for interior and exterior projects, a few are both rare and stunningly beautiful. These may be used as gemstones and set into jewellery. A recent example is the discovery of K2 Azurite Granite in the Himalayas which has a stunning blue tint, this rare stone is prized as a gemstone.

    If you enjoyed our 10 Popular Uses of Granite, be sure to check out our Granite range and contact our specialists today!

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