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Why Choose Surrey Marble and Granite?

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Benefits of a new Kitchen Worktop

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Why Choose Surrey Marble and Granite?

Your home is such a significant part of your life. You spend so much of your time there that investing in making it truly yours is essential. Having a space that you can be proud of can completely change your mindset and allow you to further enjoy free time spent inside. Making changes to your living space can be the difference between a house and a home. Our team at Surrey Marble and Granite are able to provide a complete service range to our clients. We work from templating, manufacturing and fitting of your product. We go above and beyond to ensure an impeccable job is completed from start to finish. With years of industry expertise, we truly understand what it takes to provide an outstanding service that you won’t find anywhere else.


Old and tired worktops can really diminish the look of a room. Investing in a new style is an economical way of giving your kitchen a lift. New worktops are less expensive than you might think, and can completely change the look of a room. With a variety of materials, textures and colours available, we can create bespoke countertops for your kitchen that you can be proud of.  We offer a variety of beautiful stones which we can cut down into bespoke worktops for your home. We can also work on beautiful kitchen worktop edge detail. Whether you want to refresh your kitchen or bathroom, our team can transform the whole room with just one new feature. You can customise your worktop and make it yours with unique colour and texture.

If you aren’t sure what look you want, our team can guide you to find something perfect for you. We can choose a material which will perfectly complement the rest of your decor. Different stones have different benefits and serve different purposes. All of our stones come in a range of different colours from bright to monochrome. Different colour choices can help extenuate the look of the room or change it completely. White gives a clean and polished look, whilst black is more edgy and contemporary. Whether you want modern or rustic, we can help you choose the perfect colour for you which compliments the rest of your decor. We also supply brighter shades such as red, pink and gold. A splash of colour can really add to a room and create a contemporary look.


Marble exudes indulgence. It’s a classic choice which homeowners everywhere choose time again. Marble is loved for its aesthetic qualities and we can utilise it in your home. From marble kitchen worktops to a luxurious marble bathroom, we can incorporate this incredible stone into your home.

marble worktops UK


Granite is a natural stone which is available in a wide range of colours and textures. It’s durability and resistance to stains and scratches makes granite a very popular choice for homes, particularly a kitchen worktop where a tough material is vital. Granite worktops need minimal maintenance to stay looking great, simply wipe down with mild soap and water.


Quartz worktops really are the best of both worlds. This stone is incredibly durable and won’t need to be sealed to stay looking great. The only three stones which are able to scratch quartz are diamond, sapphire and topaz. If you wanted a marble look worktop without the maintenance, quartz is able to mimic rarer stones so you can enjoy the aesthetic without the hassle.

Stone Flooring

Lead the way in your home with a stunning new floor design which can transform the whole room. Taking out an old carpet can completely revolutionaries your space. Stone flooring not only looks great but is very practical. Its hardwearing nature means that once installed, your new flooring will last for years to come. Stone flooring is versatile and we can offer a range of colours and textures to create a unique finish. Our team work alongside you every step of the way to ensure you are completely satisfied with the finished product.

Stone flooring UK

Kitchen refurbishments

As well as refreshing details around your home, we offer complete kitchen refurbishment. Renovating your kitchen comes with a host of benefits. You may have inherited a tired looking kitchen from a previous owner and need help making it your own. We can work with you to create a kitchen design which you love. As well as increased aesthetic, refurbishing your kitchen can add value to your home. If you love the way your home looks, chances are potential buyers will too, and as the kitchen is such a predominant feature, it makes perfect sense to start here. If you have little ones around, the safety features of a new kitchen will allow you to have peace of mind. We can create intelligent storage for less clutter, and old appliances can be removed and upgraded. Better tech in your kitchen can also reduce bills in the long run. A kitchen refurbishment is a great investment which tends to be much more economical to achieve than you might think and gives your home a new lease of life.

Kitchen refurbishments UK

What makes us different?

Surrey Marble and Granite are different from the rest because we combine the two most vital aspects of our service. Impeccable client management and craftsmanship. We go above and beyond with every client to ensure they are receiving a complete solution which they are happy with. Our fantastic reviews and a 9.85 rating on Checkatrade speaks for itself, and you can trust every member of our team to provide the ultimate service. Our experienced fitters are precise from measurement through to installation to ensure you have the perfect finish. If you are interested in our services but aren’t sure where to begin, our experts can guide you. We can advise on material, colour and placement to ensure our services leave you with your dream home. We operate throughout the UK including Kent, London, Portsmouth, Oxford, Southampton and Basingstoke. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts today or visit our showroom to start planning your dream home.

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