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Marble Offcuts and Quartz Offcuts: Explained

Cedric Mattock

Owner & Managing Director

Looking for an affordable way to cover a small area? Offcuts could be the answer. All of our stone products, from granite and marble to Okite and Quarella are shipped to us in slabs of a particular size. This means that when we create beautiful kitchen worktops offcuts and bathroom vanities, we often have pieces left over.

These cut off pieces range in size from a few centimetres to a metre or more. While smaller pieces are sent for recycling, we store the larger pieces. This means that if you’re looking for a relatively small surface we can often find the perfect piece for you.

Great Uses for Granite and Marble Offcuts

As marble worktop offcuts are smaller than standard slabs and sometimes odd shapes, they’re best used for smaller projects. As an example, a bath surround could be made in one piece from a single large slab, leaving an offcut the size of the bath itself. It could also be made in 2 or more pieces from offcuts, at a considerable cost saving. The result would also be easier to install.

Marble offcuts and quartz offcuts are ideal for decorative elements in a contrasting stone, such as shelves, windowsills and splashbacks. Quartz worktop offcuts are also a great choice for smaller elements, such as bathroom vanity tops, coffee tables, dining tables, sink surrounds, living room table tops, hearths and even, in some cases, stair treads.

Whether offcuts are suitable for your project will depend on the exact details. Our design and technical teams are always happy to discuss options with you and you can visit our Surrey factory to view stone types and offcuts in person.

A final option is to use the offcuts from your main piece to create matching elements in your home. For example, Granite offcuts from a kitchen worktop could be used to make matching shelves, splashbacks, windowsills or even a stone worktop offcut, lazy susan or cheese board! At Surrey Marble and Granite, we work on large-scale pieces, so in some cases, we may have to refer you on for very detailed work.

Are Offcuts Defective?

No! Offcuts literally have the stone cut to size. Each slab passes quality control at the supplier’s end and again when it reaches our factory. Our expert stoneworkers then cut from a larger slab. This will typically be something large, such as a kitchen worktop. 

Offcuts are those pieces that are left over after the main piece has been finished. We believe that not using offcuts is wasteful, which is why we aim to find our offcuts a good home in the right project. Doing so lowers the cost for the customer who bought the main piece, and whoever buys the offcut.

Marble offcuts have a similarity to rolling out the dough for biscuits – you don’t throw the dough away after you’ve stamped one cookie out: instead, you fit in a few more shapes around the edge.

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