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Granite Caesarstone

How to Choose the Right Granite Worktop Colours

Cedric Mattock

Owner & Managing Director

A stone kitchen worktop may be the most durable piece in your kitchen, lasting long after you’ve changed curtains or blinds, repainted walls and even replaced cabinet doors. As a result, choosing the best colour for kitchen worktops can feel like a lot of pressure. As expert stoneworkers, we’ve fitted kitchen worktops for family homes of every type and style. This includes granite and quartz worktops. Below you’ll find a few of the tips we’ve picked up along the way to help you get the best Granite worktop colours.

A Second Opinion on the best colour

There’s one thing that Marie Kondo, decluttering expert, got right – having things in your home that “spark joy” will make you happy. If at all possible, we recommend visiting our showroom in person and spending some time with the stones. For many people, a particular stone, colourway or texture will make them smile every time they touch it in the warehouse. That effect might not last more than a decade, but it’s definitely worth grabbing when you find it. If you find it hard to make decisions, particularly about your new Granite worktop colour, it might be worth taking someone with you for a second opinion!

Light coloured kitchen worktops make spaces brighter

Many British kitchens are small and dark, with little natural light. Light coloured or white stone worktops, particularly with a mirror polish finish, will literally bounce light around, making the space feel brighter and larger. If a pure white granite worktop colour feels too sterile, consider pale shades in any colour, from delicate pinks through to creamy yellows.

Neutral Granite worktop colours are great if you love change

Neutral countertops such as grey, beige, white or cream kitchen worktops may be the best option for people who like to update their home decor regularly. By choosing a Granite worktop colour that’s neutral, you have a good backdrop to host a variety of coloured accents no matter how often you update your home decor. Add colour to neutral setting with curtains, painted walls, ornaments, crockery and decorations. Why not explore our range of marble worktops and add rose gold or black accessories to run with current home trends? Some of our customers even use open shelves and picture ledges to let them change their ‘look’ as seasons and holidays come round.

Use different shades to mark out different areas

If your kitchen is multi-purpose, you can use different shades of the same stone – or different stones altogether – to create clear areas for different uses. As an example, many people like to give their worktops a different look to built-in eating areas such as a breakfast bar. We’ve even seen stunning kitchen islands pairing two different stones in a single area, giving the dining and prep areas a distinct vibe. Equally, open plan kitchen/dining rooms often use an island with a statement top to create a visual barrier between the two areas. Sometimes, the best colour for kitchen worktops is many colours for kitchen worktops.

Use bold Granite worktop colours to make a statement

With a typical built-in kitchen, the cabinets and worktop are a much more dominant feature of the design than the floor or wall colours. This is particularly true in small kitchens and is the opposite to how we think of most rooms. As a result, whatever worktop colour you choose will be one of the first things people notice in your kitchen and also likely to make a lasting impression. Invest in something that is beautiful, tactile, and also practical and you’ll have an inviting yet elegant kitchen whether your style is country farmhouse or urban minimalist. Alternatively, opt for a bright worktop colour for the ultimate statement countertop!

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