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February 2024 | Hampshire

Elevating Bathroom Design Without Compromising on Practicality

The customer wanted to modernise two of their bathroom suites with a new layout, to also include wet areas.

A white quartz bathroom installed by SMG


A Transformation for Practicality, with the addition of Wetrooms

The primary goal was to modernise two bathroom suites for our B2B client’s residence, incorporating a new layout that included wet areas. The client aimed for a refresh that would not only enhance the aesthetics but also elevate the functionality of these spaces.

Stones used:

  • Statuario Venatino: From the Cimstone range, this stone offers exquisite vein patterns that closely mimic those found in genuine Statuario marble, offering the aesthetic found in natural stone, but with the practical benefits of engineered stone.
  • Carrara Shimmer: A stunning resemblance to natural Carrara marble but with superior durability and ease of maintenance.


A quartz bathroom installation in progress

The Process Implementation:

Our comprehensive service included a detailed survey, cutting, fabrication and final installation, which was completed within a timeframe of 2 weeks. We meticulously laid out all panels in our production facility to ensure that the material veins flowed seamlessly across the surfaces, achieving a stunning continuous effect.

Special Considerations:

Precision Planning

Our survey team measured each panel to the maximum size permitted by access constraints, ensuring a seamless appearance for larger surface areas.

Alignment Perfection

The focus was on aligning the veins throughout the panels to mimic the natural appearance of book-matched marble, enhancing the overall design cohesion.


As with all Surrey Marble and Granite installations, we ensured this installation complied with the UK Stone Federation recommendations, ensuring that both the aesthetic and structural integrity meet the highest standards.

The Outcome:

The transformation of the bathrooms was then complete, with the new stone materials lending a modern, yet timeless elegance that exceeded the client’s expectations. The bathroom is visually stunning whilst also achieving the practical benefits it needed for ease of maintenance and moisture resistance.

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