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Which is the Best Stone Flooring?

Elliot Hobson


There are many different options for stone flooring, whether you would prefer a manufactured stone, or a natural stone, either is guaranteed to look great and be highly practical. Each material has its own pros and cons, from adding value and character to your home to being cost-effective.

Stone flooring offers endless design opportunities due to there being such a wide variety of colours, finishes, brands, thicknesses and types of stone flooring options to choose from.

What to Consider when Choosing your Stone Flooring 

There are a few things you will want to look for when deciding on whether you are going to use natural or manufactured stone flooring throughout your property. You will want to be sure that the stone provides durability and is long-lasting as it is in a place that receives constant wear and tears.

Cleaning your Stone Flooring 

Stone flooring needs to be easily adaptable to busy family life which is why it is important to choose a material that is highly practical and easily maintainable throughout your kitchen and bathroom.

Cleaning your stone flooring is a simple and easy process. You will need to make sure your flooring is free from any excess dirt by cleaning it with a vacuum and then mix a bucket full of warm water and stone flooring cleaner and mop your flooring with the cleaning solution with a microfiber towel or mop, and allow to dry naturally. 

Stone Flooring with Character 

A huge selling point for potential homebuyers is the interior design of a property, choosing a stone flooring that provides a home with character and matches the overall style of a home is a highly attractive aesthetic.  

Provides Flexibility 

Natural marble flooring is a flexible and adaptable material to use throughout your home that can be easily matched to the overall design of a property. Yet wooden or laminate flooring can be limited on the colour options and styles available which can be hard for homebuyers to commit to which is why we recommend beautiful stone flooring. Find out the pros and cons of stone flooring below. 

Natural Stone Flooring


Manufactured Stone Flooring

Natural Stone Flooring

There are many practical benefits to installing natural stone throughout your home, as well as it adding value to your property. Natural stone flooring is a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing material that is easily maintainable, and a popular choice for kitchen floors. There are many different types of natural stones available on the market, for example, natural stone floor tiles such as marble.

Quartz for example is a natural stone that is a porous material that can often lead to water damage and staining which requires regular maintenance and treatment. Natural stone flooring such as limestone, marble and granite can be an expensive option, yet they provide a luxurious natural look and can be worth the added expense as they are highly durable and long-lasting, offering endless design opportunities.  

What is the most commonly used natural stone tile?

If you are looking to fit new floors within your property, you may have considered using natural stone tiles. Natural stone tiles are a luxurious and modern flooring option for any property. 

Granite Flooring Tiles

Granite is a flexible material suitable for flooring and surface countertops. With such a variety of colours to choose from, this versatile stone makes it a popular option for properties. Not only does Granite flooring look luxurious, but it is also highly durable, heat resistant and scratch-resistant making it a practical kitchen flooring material. 

Limestone Flooring Tiles

Limestone floor tiles have a slightly different appearance from other flooring options, their rustic appearance and satin finish make them the perfect choice for modern and contemporary homes. 

Limestone is a porous material that should be used in areas of the home like bathrooms and hallways that are unlikely to be affected by acid spills as this could affect its appearance over time.

Marble Stone Flooring Tiles 

Marble is one of the most popular and modern natural flooring tile options on the market. It not only looks glamorous but also comes in a wide range of colour and design options adapting to the interior design of any property. 

Manufactured Stone Flooring

Manufactured stones such as quartz, ceramic and sintered stone are non-porous, meaning this material is hard to crack, damage or mark. Therefore manufactured stones are a practical option for bathroom floors as they are more subject to moisture, unlike kitchen floors. 

Manufactured stone has been designed to be an easily maintainable and highly durable material, making them ideal for kitchen floors as they are easy to clean and reduce any chances of long-lasting stains. 

The durability of manufactured stone floors is a popular selling point for homeowners as it is highly unlikely that they are going to be damaged. Quartz, for example, is a stain, scratch, and heat resistant material making it practical for hallways and communal areas.

Manufactured stone materials are cost effective flooring options as well as being attractive and there is an extensive range of colour options available helping you to match the interior design of your home. 

Manufactured flooring materials can be sensitive to certain chemicals such as cleaning products which can often affect the appearance of the stone so it is best to check with the manufacturer or installer when purchasing. Yet many natural flooring materials such as granite are highly durable and are not affected by strong chemicals such as kitchen or bathroom cleaning products, which makes it practical for bathrooms.

Choosing the Best Stone Flooring

With the pros and cons of manufactured and natural stone flooring set down, it should now be easy for you to choose which stone material is most suited to your home and which is going to perform effectively. 

Each stone is completely unique and with the many finishes and colours available it is important to understand the characteristic of each material before you purchase. If you are still struggling with choosing the right stone flooring material then discover our blog post on how to choose the right stone floor. Alternatively, our experts at Surrey Marble and Granite are on hand to help you achieve the perfect finish for your stone flooring project. 

We have plenty of premium and high quality stone flooring options available in many different finishes and styles. Our stone collection can provide you with endless design opportunities for your kitchen or bathroom floors. Whether you are looking for natural stone flooring, or manufactured stone flooring, we have plenty of options available to help you to meet all of your interior design expectations. 

If you would like to find out more information on the manufactured and natural stone flooring materials we have available at Surrey Marble and Granite, then please feel free to get in touch.

Elliot Hobson


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