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The Pitfalls and Prospects of White vs Black Marble

Marble is a timeless material for kitchen countertops and probably will be forever. It’s hard wearing, resilient surface means its perfect for the daily hustle and bustle of the kitchen, whilst remaining beautiful and elegant. Installing marble counter tops is an investment which always pays of, with its years of aesthetic value and its potential to add value to your home. The different colours of marble can create a variety of looks and feels in your kitchen. Marble is predominantly installed in white and black but can be unique due to the flecks and streaks embedded into it. For example, make white marble really stand out with specks of gold, or have streaks of grey on black to break up the colour. Once you’ve decided on marble work surfaces you need to decide on the colour. There are pros and cons of black and white to explore before making your choice.

White Marble

White worktops will always be a popular choice for kitchens. Its clean, its popular and its timeless. White has the potential to open any room and transform it from dreary to bright and fresh. As it’s so neutral it will work with any other colours already in the room or can be combined with a bright statement shade for a pop of colour. White is a great colour for smaller rooms as it can give the illusion that there’s more space. There is a potential for white marble to show stains and dirt more easily but by keeping on top of maintenance you can ensure it stays looking fresh. Any spills, particularly oils or acidic liquids must be wiped up immediately, so it won’t be absorbed by the porous surface.

Black Marble

Black is undoubtedly bold, and it makes a true statement.  It really is a unique choice for a kitchen and shows bravery in décor choices. Whilst being more out there, with the right colour schemes black surfaces can be very elegant. The obvious benefit of having anything dark is that stains are easily hidden, so ideal for a busy kitchen where spillages are common. There is a danger that too much black will make a room feel dim but combined with the right colours the dark hue will make any room feel cosy and comfortable. Be aware that marble is a fairly soft material so no matter how dark it is, its susceptible to scratches and nicks.

A Combination

Instead of having one block colour for your marble surface, choosing a combination of the two will result in a textured quality which will add character to any room. By choosing black marble with white veins or white marble with black it gives a contemporary, stylish aesthetic. The veins are a great way to keep your surfaces looking unique.


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