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Stone is the most traditional of flooring materials.It comes in a huge variety of styles and can suit both traditional and contemporary environments where it adds style and elegance to any room. Stone is ideal for hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, conservatories, bathrooms and outside and works especially well with other natural materials such as wood.

Stone flooring works particularly well with underfloor heating.

The benefits of stone flooring are:

  • It looks beautiful in almost all situations
  • It adds style and value to your property
  • It’s incredibly hard wearing
  • It’s unique look can never quite be recreated by man-made options
  • It comes in a range of finishes – shiny, matte or textured
  • Natural stone comes in a range of shapes and sizes, which makes it very versatile and individual

Flooring Finishes

Choose Your Finish


a glossy surface finish that brings out the character and beauty of granite


a satin smooth surface with no gloss or shine


a reasonably rough and now contemporary surface


a velvet smooth surface with no or just a little gloss


a very irregular treated surface


a very rough and no slip surface, treated by “open flame”


a smooth flat non-reflective surface with occasional light trails and scratches


a surface that has a luxurious “old time” look

Got a question? We're here to help

If you’re considering installing a natural stone floor in your home or office, we recommend that you visit our showroom where we have a wide range of stone flooring on display and where we’ll be able to advise you about the most suitable stone and the best finish for your situation.

Check out our showroom opening times here. If you have any questions about our natural stone flooring, call us on 01428 651940 or visit our showroom.