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    Marble and Granite

    Durable and beautiful, marble and granite have been a popular choice in palaces and monuments for centuries. Modern technological advances have reduced the costs of these natural stones, making marble and granite affordable for everyday use in the home.

    At Surrey Marble and Granite, we have been working with stone for many years. Our experts have a strong understanding of the benefits and advantages to living and working with marble and granite, as well as other natural and manufactured stones. Our goal is to match the right stone product to each role and customer, whether that’s providing a bespoke marble worktop or recommending a manufactured stone with a vivid hue to provide tiles for a brand new restaurant.

    Advantages of using stone

    Like other natural stones, marble and granite are long-lasting and very hard materials. This makes them ideal for use in hard-working areas of the home, like kitchen worktops, bathrooms and flooring as they stand up to wear better than many other materials, retaining their natural beauty years or decades after they are first installed.

    Both marble and granite are particularly popular as kitchen worktops as they are:

    • Scratch and chip resistant
    • Stain resistant
    • Water resistant
    • Heat resistant
    • Easy to clean
    • Hard to damage
    • Most damage can be repaired

    Modern sealing techniques make even porous stones like marble easy to care for and keep looking their best. As stones are so hard, they are difficult to damage or stain. Should the worst happen, repolishing and repair services, offered by Surrey Marble and Granite, quickly hide most damage, leaving the stone looking as good as new.

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    Surrey Marble and Granite

    Experts in handling natural and manufactured stones, at Surrey Marble and Granite we’re proud to boast a team of skilled stone working professionals. Our factory uses a combination of ancient skills and cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality stonework for customers throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas.

    We specialise in providing marble and granite for the home, including marble and granite worktops, bathrooms and floors. We also provide stonework services for commercial and industrial properties and bespoke stone cutting, creating custom shapes for a wide range of purposes, from fitting an awkward kitchen worktop to outfitting a super yacht. We provide high-quality services at an affordable price and are proud to have so many strong recommendations from our customers.